1:able to move
2:containing active properties <chemically~>
~ert-ness n

This is what should appear in Merriam-Webster's dictionary, but it does not. It makes sense to me and many others who have heard of my quest. If something can be inert, shouldn't it also be able to be ert? Not according to the publishers of the dictionary. And so it has become my quest to right this injustice in our language.

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08/13/2012 - Brand new site design
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12/18/06 - New journal - I'm Stuck on the Couch and Can't Get Up
10/26/06 - New Spotlight and a new journal - Automatic Journal Finale
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9/16/06 - New journal Fish Added to Terrorism Fight
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2/18/06 - Fixed a couple issues, new journals Automatic Journal and 123 Box Rd, Box, VA
8/28/05 - TwoNew Journals - Don't Be Ordinary and Stuck on a Porch
6/23/05 - New Journal - I Love the Government AND a New Spotlight - Team Sugartastic
3/11/05 - New Journal - Frindle
2/14/05 - New Journal - Sugartastic Tincan Flash
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10/28/04 - New Journal - AARP at Top of Game
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